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BACKGROUND There is indirect evidence that an increased infectious burden is associated with a decreased prevalence of IgE-mediated allergy during childhood. OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is a relation between the serostatus of 13 different viruses and parentally reported infections and IgE sensitization in 2-year-old children. To investigate(More)
The objective was to examine the perception of smoking-related health consequences and its relationship to pregnancy and intent to quit. Over a two-week period, pregnant and non-pregnant women, intending and not intending to quit smoking, rated the probability for smoking-related health consequences to occur, given continuing to smoke and quitting smoking.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study long-term treatment effects of metoprolol or verapamil on combined cardiovascular end points and psychological variables in patients with stable angina pectoris. DESIGN Randomized, double-blind, double-dummy trial. PATIENTS The study included 809 patients under 70 years of age with stable angina pectoris. The mean age of the patients(More)
BACKGROUND Poststroke depression is a frequent condition and important to treat. The aim of this trial was to study the efficacy and tolerability of sertraline. METHOD In 4 Swedish stroke centers, 123 patients (aged 70.7 +/- 9.9 years) were enrolled during the period September 1998 to January 2001 in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 26-week(More)
OBJECTIVES To study perceived smoking-related consequences of continuing and of quitting smoking. METHODS Eighty women, with subgroups formed by pregnant/nonpregnant women and trying/not trying to quit smoking, performed judgments of the probability for consequences to occur given the conditions of continuing or quitting smoking. RESULTS For both the(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize copeptin levels and to explore its prognostic importance in patients with acute myocardial infarction with newly detected glucose abnormalities. METHODS Copeptin was measured in 166 patients with acute myocardial infarction without known diabetes and in 168 age- and gender-matched controls. Participants were classified as having(More)
BACKGROUND Although stable angina pectoris often carries a favourable prognosis, it remains important to identify patients with an increased risk of cardiovascular (CV) complications. Many new markers of disease activity and prognosis have been described. We evaluated whether common and easily accessible markers in everyday care provide sufficient(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate long-term prognostic importance of newly discovered glucose disturbances in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). METHODS During 1998-2001, consecutive patients with AMI (n = 167) and healthy controls (n = 184) with no previously known diabetes were investigated with an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Patients and(More)
Background. Reperfusion therapy for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) reduces mortality but is also associated with reperfusion injury. The present study tested the hypothesis that adjuvant therapy with a low anti-inflammatory dose of adenosine might prevent reperfusion injury and preserve left ventricular function. Methods. Six hundred and eight patients(More)
PURPOSE To examine the association between pregnancy and judgments about a range of somatic, psychological and social events and conditions related to smoking. BASIC PROCEDURES Pregnant and non-pregnant women smokers, intending and not intending to quit, were contacted in family practices in Bulgaria where they were under ordinary medical observation. All(More)