Per Löwenborg

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This paper considers the problem of reconstructing a class of nonuniformly sampled bandlimited signals of which a special case occurs in, e.g., time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter (ADC) systems due to time-skew errors. To this end, we propose a synthesis system composed of digital fractional delay filters. The overall system (i.e., nonuniform(More)
A crucial issue in the next-generation satellite-based communication systems is the satellite on-board reallocation of information which requires digital flexible frequency-band reallocation (FBR) networks. This paper introduces a new class of flexible FBR networks based on variable oversampled complex-modulated filter banks (FBs). The new class can(More)
This paper introduces multivariate polynomial impulse response time-varying FIR filters for reconstruction of M-periodic nonuniformly sampled signals. The main advantages of these reconstruction filters are that 1) they do not require online filter design, and 2) most of their multipliers are fixed and can thus be implemented using low-cost dedicated(More)
A class of digital filter banks is introduced, in which the analysis filters are half band IIR filters and the synthesis filters are FIR filters. The proposed filter bank satisfy approximately perfect reconstruction and has an exact linear phase. Further, it is suitable for applications where a very low complexity analysis filter bank is required.