Per Knutsen

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AIM To evaluate the effect of gender on clinical outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) receiving antidiabetes therapy. METHODS This is a pooled analysis from nine similarly designed phase 3 and 4 randomized, controlled studies evaluating insulin glargine and an active comparator (NPH insulin, insulin lispro, premixed insulin, oral(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a structured inpatient insulin management protocol and order set for glycemic control on a vascular surgery service. METHODS Patients admitted to the vascular surgery service with underlying diabetes were enrolled in a study of use of a preprinted basal-bolus insulin order set based on a total daily dose of 0.5 U/kg (0.25 U/kg of(More)
insulin continues to be the most potent therapeutic option available to reduce hyperglycemia in people with diabetes (1). In 2011, approximately one-third of people diagnosed with diabetes reported taking insulin as part of their therapeutic regimen (2). In the same year, data from a large commercial insurer in the United States showed that ~80% of(More)
This paper reviews analytical techniques for the detection and identification of amphetamines and amphetamine-like substances in non-biological samples. It shows the wide range of methods available, from simple testing procedures to the use of the most powerful instruments available in analytical chemistry. The following techniques are discussed: colour(More)
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