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The use of small fields in radiotherapy techniques has increased substantially, in particular in stereotactic treatments and large uniform or nonuniform fields that are composed of small fields such as for intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This has been facilitated by the increased availability of standard and add-on multileaf collimators and a(More)
Radiosurgery clinical practice relays on   empirical observations and the experience of the practitioners involved in determining and delineating the target and therefore variability in target delineation might be expected for all the radiosurgery approaches, independent of the technique and the equipment used for delivering the treatment. The main aim of(More)
Accurate determination of collimator output factors is important for Leksell Gamma Knife radiosurgery. The new Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion system has a completely redesigned collimator system and the collimator output factors are different from the other Leksell Gamma Knife models. In this study, a simple method was developed to validate the collimator(More)
When planning a Leksell GammaKnife/spl reg/ treatment, dose planners place iso-centres of the irradiation field in such a way that a certain iso-dose surface conforms as closely as possible to a target, such as a tumour. Today this planning is done primarily in 2D, and the clinician places the iso-centres onto the current medical image. The images used are(More)
This investigation involves quantifying the extent of intracranial peripheral dose arising from simulated targets situated in the skull-base or upper-spine region using the Leksell GammaKnife Perfexion treatment unit. For each of three spherical target volumes--denoted as Vs (4 cm3), VM (18 cm3), and VL (60 cm3)--three treatment plans were manually(More)
BACKGROUND Gamma knife surgery (GKS) is used at subnecrotic doses for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) treatment. Rat models of TLE have been used to probe the mechanisms underlying GKS. Previous GKS studies on rats have used the Leksell GammaPlan (LGP) treatment planning system to determine the irradiation time to achieve the dose to deliver. Since LGP is not(More)
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