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The paper presents the design and manufacturing steps of micro heaters, built on ceramic suspended membranes for gas sensor applications. The micro heaters are designed and fabricated by combining laser milling techniques, and conductive ceramic technology. Trenches are created in the ceramic substrate in order to define the geometry of the heater using(More)
The paper presents the development of a novel suspended membrane resistive gas sensor on a ceramic substrate. The sensor is designed and simulated to be fabricated by combining laser milling techniques, conductive ceramic technology, thin film technology, and semiconductor metal oxides. Trenches are created in the alumina substrate in order to define the(More)
GaN is a potential sensor material for harsh environments due to its piezoelectric and mechanical properties. In this paper an 8mm diameter sensor structure is proposed based on a GaN / AlGaN / sapphire HEMT wafer. The discs will be glass-bonded to an alumina package, creating a ‘drumskin’ type sensor that is sensitive to pressure changes. The(More)
Modeling and thermal cycling of a high temperature pressure sensor packaging is presented. The packaging is based on the green-state milling of alumina to the desired geometry and conduits for the electrical conductors, followed by sintering of the ceramics with the electrical conductors inside. The electrical interconnections are based on silver. For short(More)
In order to place sensors or electronics in very high temperature environments, new materials and methods for interconnection are required. A comparative study between different electrical interconnection methods for very high operation temperatures (500 °C – 800 °C) is presented. Thermo-mechanical simulations and characterization of(More)
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