Per-Ingvar Olsson

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The incidence of diabetes mellitus in Sweden in the 15–34 year age group was prospectively studied on a nationwide basis, beginning 1 January 1983. A total of 1,214 male and 720 female cases of newly-diagnosed (excluding gestational) diabetes were reported over a 5-year period. This corresponds to an incidence of 20.5 per 100,000/year in male subjects and(More)
Six male football players competed in a 90 min game (4-a-side) on two occasions following an exercise and diet (either high- approximately 65% or low- approximately 30% carbohydrate intake) regimen designed to manipulate muscle glycogen concentrations. Movement and technical parameters of performance and selected physiological responses were measured.(More)
The miscibility of human semisynthetic regular and lente insulins (Actrapid human/Monotard human) and human biosynthetic regular and NPH insulins (Humulin regular/Humulin NPH) was studied in vitro and in 16 insulin-dependent diabetic patients. In vitro a decrease of regular insulin was found immediately after mixture with semisynthetic lente insulin in(More)
We evaluated results of radioimmunoassays of free and total insulin after precipitation of endogenous antibodies with polyethylene glycol (PEG), and we investigated the influence of collection time, temperature, and storage in heparin- cr EDTA-treated plasma or serum on results for free insulin. Analytical recovery of free insulin was 99.3%, of total(More)
24 h profiles of free insulin and glucose were determined in insulin-dependent diabetic patients on intensive insulin regimens with biosynthetic human insulin, either as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) with mealtime bolus doses (n = 6), or intensified conventional insulin therapy (ICIT) with preprandial injections of regular insulin and(More)
It has been reorted in earlier in vitro studies that soft tissue trauma and endotoxin-induced shock causes pulmonary platelet trapping (PPT). This paper describes a noninvasive in vivo technique for dynamic studies of PPT in rabbits. Autologous platelets were labeled with111In and reinfused into the animals. The following day, the rabbits were anesthetized(More)
Ten insulin-dependent diabetic patients were investigated from 2100 to 0700 h during treatment with either a bedtime injection (BI) of intermediate-acting insulin or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) at a constant basal rate. In the evening, blood glucose was slightly higher during treatment with BI than with CSII, whereas the metabolic(More)
Treatment of severe acute respiratory failure with extracorporeal gas exchange necessitating near complete systemic anticoagulation requires a delicate balance to be maintained between disseminated intravascular coagulation and hemorrhagic complications. The present study describes our first experience using a heparin coated extracorporeal artificial lung(More)
Three patients with adult respiratory distress syndrome were treated with veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ECMO, using a heparin-coated system for 8, 12 and 34 days, respectively. Despite extracorporeal blood flow of 4-5 l/min, the patients were ventilator-dependent in the initial period of ECMO. Two of the three patients showed bleeding(More)