Per-Henrik Nilsson

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BACKGROUND Novel peritoneal dialysis solutions are characterized by a minimal content of glucose degradation products and a neutral pH. Many studies have shown the biocompatibility of neutral lactate-buffered solutions; however, until now, the effect of purely bicarbonate-buffered solutions has not been intensively studied in vivo. METHODS This study was(More)
UNLABELLED Bronchiolitis is a major cause of hospitalization during infancy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of socioeconomic factors on the hospitalization of infants with bronchiolitis. All infants below 1 y of age living in the city of Malmö, Sweden, and hospitalized at the University Hospital. Malmö, owing to bronchiolitis during the(More)
In Sweden, research in hypertension has been on-going since the early 1920's when Eskil Kylin was the first to describe hypertension as part of a metabolic cardiovascular syndrome. Later on several other researchers and clinicians have contributed to the development of medical understanding of hypertension and its treatment. Bertil Hood was the one who(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the quality of life of patients 1 1/2-5 1/2 years after vertical banded gastroplasty for morbid obesity. DESIGN Retrospective study by questionnaire. SETTING University hospital, Sweden. SUBJECTS 102 of the 127 patients (80%) operated on for morbid obesity between January 1989 and February 1993 responded to the questionnaire. 74(More)
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  • 1999
The Swedish forensic pathologist Einar Sjovall (1879-1964) lived and worked mainly in Lund, southern Sweden, in the early decades of this century. He became famous, not only for particular broad medical knowledge and skills, but also for his devotion to social questions. It was obvious to Sjovall, in the same way as to the German pathologist Rudolf Virchow,(More)