Per Gunnar Brolinson

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Weight-bearing activity provides an osteogenic stimulus, while effects of swimming on bone are unclear. We evaluated bone mineral density (BMD) and markers of bone turnover in female athletes (n = 41, age 20.7 yr) comparing three impact groups, high impact (High, basketball and volleyball, n = 14), medium impact (Med, soccer and track, n = 13), and(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure and analyze head accelerations during American collegiate football practices and games. METHODS A newly developed in-helmet 6-accelerometer system that transmits data via radio frequency to a sideline receiver and laptop computer system was implemented. From the data transfer of these accelerometer traces, the sideline staff has(More)
CONTEXT Measuring head impact exposure is a critical step toward understanding the mechanism and prevention of sport-related mild traumatic brain (concussion) injury, as well as the possible effects of repeated subconcussive impacts. OBJECTIVE To quantify the frequency and location of head impacts that individual players received in 1 season among 3(More)
Recent research has suggested a possible link between sports-related concussions and neurodegenerative processes, highlighting the importance of developing methods to accurately quantify head impact tolerance. The use of kinematic parameters of the head to predict brain injury has been suggested because they are indicative of the inertial response of the(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the biomechanical properties of the human lumbar spine subjected to dynamic compression. A series of six experiments using the lumbar spines from four human cadavers was performed. The first two tests utilized the entire lumbar spine while the remaining four tests used lumbar functional joints to separate the(More)
Women aged 67-84 yr were randomly assigned to either resistance exercise (RE, n = 15) or control group (C, n = 14). RE group completed 10 wk of resistance training, whereas C group maintained normal activity. Blood samples were obtained from the RE group (at the same time points as for resting C) at rest, immediately after resistance exercise, and 2 h after(More)
BACKGROUND Monophasic high voltage stimulation (MHVS) is widely prescribed for the treatment of inflammation associated with muscle injury. However, limited scientific evidence exists to support its purported benefits in humans. OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy of early initiation of MHVS treatment after muscle injury. METHODS In a randomised, cross(More)
The art and science of the management of musculoskeletal pain has advanced significantly over the past several years. With greater understanding of the nervous system's response to pain, and the biochemistry of this response, practitioners have a wider range of treatment options than ever before. The recognition of the importance of pain control in the(More)
Sports-related concussions result in 300,000 brain injuries in the United States each year. We conducted a study utilizing an in-helmet system that measures and records linear head accelerations to analyze head impacts in collegiate football. The Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System is an in-helmet system with six spring-mounted accelerometers and an antenna(More)
OBJECT Concussive head injuries have received much attention in the medical and public arenas, as concerns have been raised about the potential short- and long-term consequences of injuries sustained in sports and other activities. While many student athletes have required evaluation after concussion, the exact definition of concussion has varied among(More)