Per Gullander

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Traditionally Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is used for quick analyses of product flows through a manufacturing system, from raw material to delivery. Discrete Event Simulation (DES) is often used for analyses of complex manufacturing systems with several products and a complex planning. These two methods have similarities but also differences. This paper(More)
In order to measure complexity and stay competitive, manufacturing companies need to be able to quantify production complexity. For this reason, two methods were developed within the context of two concurrent research projects are compared: the Belgian Complexity Calculator, CXC, measures objective complexity and the Swedish Complexity Index, CXI, focuses(More)
The increased mass-customisation of production requires operators to manage an increasing number of complex work tasks. From a social sustainability perspective, better sharing and dissemination of production information supports operators cognitively to manage and understand their work tasks, which in turn improves quality of work. So, the focus of this(More)
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