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Power efficiency has become the most important consideration for many modern computing devices. In this paper, we examine power efficiency of a range of graphics algorithms on different GPUs. To measure power consumption, we have built a power measuring device that samples currents at a high frequency. Comparing power efficiency of different graphics(More)
This paper presents a method for auto-tuning interactive ray tracing on GPUs using a hardware model. Getting full performance from modern GPUs is a challenging task. Workloads which require a guaranteed performance over several runs must select parameters for the worst performance of all runs. Our method uses an analytical GPU performance model to predict(More)
We present a new method for real-time rendering of multiple recursions of reflections and refractions. The method uses the strengths of real-time ray tracing for objects close to the camera, by storing them in a per-frame constructed bounding volume hierarchy (BVH). For objects further from the camera, rasterization is used to create G-buffers which store(More)
A major challenge when designing general purpose graphics hardware is to allow efficient access to texture data. Although different rendering paradigms vary with respect to their data access patterns, there is no flexibility when it comes to data caching provided by the graphics architecture. In this paper we focus on volume ray-casting, and show the(More)
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