Per-Erik Melberg

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A combined biochemical and behavioral study was performed postnatally on albino rats. An almost linear increase in total motor activity was observed from 1 to 15 days of age followed by a pronounced decrease in motor activity between days 15 and 18. The in vivo rate of tyrosine hydroxylase activity in whole brain was estimated by means of measuring(More)
Intramuscular pressure in the anterior tibial compartment and calf circumference were measured daily during six days following reconstructive surgery for lower limb atherosclerosis in 31 patients. Both intramuscular pressure and calf circumference were significantly increased in the operated extremity from the first postoperative day. Maximum intramuscular(More)
The hip joint pressure in 40 patients with intracapsular femoral neck fractures was measured on the fracture table prior to surgery. All but 1 patient had pressures well below 20 mmHg with the hip unreduced. When the hip was extended and internally rotated, the pressure rose to values exceeding the normal arteriolar pressure in most patients, with a peak(More)
Intramuscular pressure was recorded in 28 patients with exercise-induced posteromedial pain in the lower leg. Pressure was recorded simultaneously in the posterior tibial muscle and in the flexor digitorum muscle during an exercise test and at rest after exercise. This study shows that intramuscular pressures during exercise and the time period for(More)
The aim of the present work was to investigate the effect of selective beta-I-blockade on the exchangeable splenic platelet pool (ESPP). Therefore, 50 mg of metoprolol (a selective beta-I-receptor blocking agent) was given by mouth to three groups of subjects: (1) 15 healthy volunteers, (2) five asplenic subjects, and (3) 10 patients with different(More)
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