Per-Edvin Svensson

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The extent of contamination of an emulsion type of sausage with lactic acid bacteria was determined along the processing line. This was done by aseptically removing sausages after five different processing stages (heat processing, chilling, cold storage, cutting down and packing). Removed sausages were vacuum-packed and stored at 8 degrees C. The microbial(More)
Thrombin is an essential protein involved in blood clot formation and an important clinical target, since disturbances of the coagulation process cause serious cardiovascular diseases such as thrombosis. Here we evaluate the performance of a molecular dynamics based method for predicting the binding affinities of different types of human thrombin(More)
Temperature-controlled laminar airflow improves symptoms in atopic asthmatics, but its effects on personal allergen exposure are unknown. We aimed to evaluate its effects on personal cat allergen and particulate exposures in a simulated bedroom environment. Five healthy volunteers lay under an active and an inactive temperature-controlled laminar airflow(More)
UNLABELLED Masked volumewise principal component (PC) analysis (PCA) is used in PET to distinguish structures that display different kinetic behaviors after administration of a tracer. When masked volumewise PCA was introduced, one article proposed noise prenormalization because of temporal and spatial variations of the noise between slices. However, the(More)
UNLABELLED The standardized uptake value is commonly used as a tool to supplement visual interpretation and to quantify the images acquired from static in vivo animal PET. The preferred approach for analyzing PET data is either to sum the images and calculate the standardized uptake value or to use kinetic modeling. The aim of this study was to investigate(More)
Multivariate image analysis tools are used for analyzing dynamic or multidimensional Positron Emission Tomography, PET data with the aim of noise reduction, dimension reduction and signal separation. Principal Component Analysis is one of the most commonly used multivariate image analysis tools, applied on dynamic PET data. Independent Component Analysis is(More)
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