Per Dahlberg

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" The structuring properties of the interaction order in real-time settings such as meetings have enormous (and as yet largely ignored) consequences for the overall structuring of organizations. Caught in a meeting and connected through a series of interactions across time and space are the people, ideas, decisions, and outcomes that make the organization.(More)
Proxy Lady is a mobile system for informal, opportunistic face-to-face communication, running on a PDA equipped with a radio transceiver. " Opportunistic communication " is anticipated by one party but it only occurs when the parties happen to meet each other. Proxy Lady supports such communication by providing notifications about possible " candidates for(More)
Much development of information technology has been about reducing the importance of distances and user location. Still, many important activities and events are of local nature, for instance serendipitous face-to-face communication. In order to support such communication, as well as other examples of local interaction, we have developed three prototypes(More)
This paper reports from a project, called NewsPilot, where we explore how context aware computing can be used to support mobile collaborators. An empirical study of journalists at a local radio station in Sweden has informed the design of a prototype system. The system is built using a personal digital assistant (PDA) fitted with a radio transceiver and(More)
Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease (anti-GBM) is usually characterized by rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, and when autoantibody production has ceased, relapses are rare. Here, we report a 71-year-old women diagnosed at a stage of mild renal insufficiency. Over a period of 10 years, she experienced three mild relapses with return of anti-GBM(More)
The objective of this paper is to discuss how to enable the staff at an order-packaging department to cope with a drastically increasing scale of operation. In order to do this we introduce the term scalability and based on coordination theory we formulate a case specific method for designing for an increasing scale of operation. We argue that it is the(More)
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