Per Andersson

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Turbocharged (TC) spark-ignited (SI) engines are popular as they combine high power output with good fuel economy. Furthermore, their emissions can be successfully reduced using a three way catalyst (TWC) provided that the airfuel ratio is precisely controlled. As the air-fuel ratio depends on the precision of the air charge estimate, this thesis is devoted(More)
Turbo charged SI engines are a major possibility in the current trend of down-sized engines with preserved drivability performance. Considering control and supervision it is favorable to have a mean value model to be used e.g. in observer design. Such models of turbo engines are similar to those of naturally aspirated engines, but there are some special(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to evaluate the community-based prevalence of atrial fibrillation (AF) in a western society using a geographically well-defined population in the northern part of Sweden as a reference and to estimate the proportion of patients eligible for oral anticoagulation (OAC) prophylactic therapy according to the stroke risk(More)
This paper intends to provide a techno-economic overview of the Mobile TV business and its business models. Recent trials have shown that a large number of people would like to consume mobile TV and few people doubt that this service will eventually be offered in the majority of wireless networks around the world. However, this service is not a simple(More)
Java has proven to be a powerful language for software development. In this paper we show that it is also suitable for hardware compilation, making it an attractive language for embedded system development. Our compilation technique, which is presented here, is based on separating different aspects of the program and use dedicated and specialised(More)