Per Anders Nilsson

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Young-of-the-year pike Esox lucius foraging on copepods experienced different foraging success depending on prey pigmentation in water visually degraded by brown colouration or algae. Both attack rate and prey consumption rate were higher for E. lucius foraging on transparent prey in brown water, whereas the opposite was true in algal turbid water. Pigments(More)
The Bucket System is a new system for computer-mediated ensemble improvisation, designed by improvisers for impro-visers. Coming from a tradition of structured free ensemble improvisation practices (comprovisation), influenced by post-WW2 experimental music practices, it is a signaling system implemented with a set of McMillen QuNeo controllers as input and(More)
The coexistence of competing species relies on niche partitioning. Competitive exclusion is likely inevitable at high niche overlap, but such divide between competitors may be bridged if environmental circumstances displace competitor niches to enhance partitioning. Foraging-niche dimension can be influenced by environmental characteristics, and if(More)
Pike Esox lucius in the absence of prey and conspecifics were shown to have the highest habitat-change activity during dusk and to decrease preference for complex habitats in turbid water. As the behaviours indicate routine responses in the absence of behavioural interactions, E. lucius spatio-temporal distributions should be directly affected and thereby(More)
New hearing aids are usually introduced after clinical trials. These are mostly based on subjects reports, in which it is possible that the subject's judgment of the acoustic performance might be influenced by the awareness that it is a new hearing aid which is being investigated. To examine the benefit of a new non-linear amplification circuit, a(More)
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