Pepi Stavropoulou

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The vast amount of data on the web has been extensively harvested for many years for the purpose of digital archiving. In the recent years, however, the social networks contain the sources of most of the debating between the people. Recent approaches include social web information to the archived content for various reasons. This work reports on the(More)
Sophisticated, commercially deployed spoken dialogue systems capable of engaging in more natural human-machine conversation have increased in number over the past years. Besides employing advanced interpretation and dialogue management technologies, the success of such systems greatly depends on effective design and development methodology. There is,(More)
This chapter presents the state-of-the-art in usability issues and methodologies for VoiceWeb interfaces. It undertakes a theoretical perspective to the usability methodology and provides a framework description for creating and testing usable content and applications for conversational interfaces. The methodologies and their uses are discussed as well as(More)
Social Media provide a vast amount of information identifying stories, events, entities that play the crucial role of shaping the community in an everyday heavy user involvement. This work involves the study of social media information in terms of type (multimodal: text, video, sound, picture) and role players (agents, users, opinion leaders) and the(More)
Usability is a fundamental requirement for natural language interfaces. Usability evaluation reflects the impact of the interface and the acceptance from the users. This work examines the potential of usability evaluation in terms of issues and methodologies for spoken dialogue interfaces along with the appropriate designer-needs analysis. It unfolds the(More)
Adequate and reliable lexical resources are essential for effective sentiment analysis and opinion mining. This paper proposes a methodology for the emotional assessment and annotation of words. The process is based on the Self Assessment Manikin test, and is coupled with two psychometric measurements for identifying possible bias due to the annotator's(More)
Designing user interfaces involves several iterations for usability design and evaluation as well as incremental functionality integration and testing. This paper reports on the methodological approach for the design and implementation of an application that is used for search and retrieval of sociallyaware digital content. It presents the archivist view of(More)
Document-to-Audio accessibility assumes that all meaningful presentaion elements in the document, such as bold, italics, tables or bullets, should be properly processed and acoustically modeled, in order to convey the intended meaning to the listeners in a complete and adequate manner. Similarly, several types of documents may contain reported speech and(More)
Information Structure (IS) is known to bear a significant effect on Prosody, making the identification of this effect crucial for improving the quality of synthetic speech. Recent theories identify contrast as a central IS element affecting accentuation. This paper presents the results of two experiments aiming to investigate the function of the different(More)
This paper presents the results of a pilot study aiming to investigate the prosodic realization of topichood in Greek, focusing particularly on the realization of different types of topics. Topic-less sentences, “simple”, contrastive and corrective topics were compared through controlled data collection on the basis of both phonological and phonetic(More)