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BACKGROUND In 2012, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified tetrachloroethylene, used in the production of chemicals and the primary solvent used in dry cleaning, as "probably carcinogenic to humans" based on limited evidence of an increased risk of bladder cancer in dry cleaners. OBJECTIVES We assessed the epidemiological evidence for(More)
PURPOSE Increased risk of death has been reported in patients with intractable epilepsy (IE) taking nitrazepam (NZP). METHODS Between January 1983 and March 1994, 302 patients with IE were entered into a NZP compassionate-plea protocol. NZP was discontinued if there was < 50% seizure reduction or significant side effects. In some patients with > 50%(More)
AIM To evaluate occupational risk for cancer of the tongue, oral cavity or pharynx after adjustment for alcohol and tobacco use. MATERIALS AND METHODS The data covered 14.9 million people and 28,623 cases of cancer of the tongue, oral cavity and pharynx in the Nordic countries 1961-2005. Alcohol consumption by occupation was estimated based on mortality(More)
Information on oesophageal, duodenal and rectal atresias was collected from the hospitals, malformation register and death certificates in Finland from 1970-79. The respective prevalence rates were 4 1, 1-4 and 3-6 per 10 000 births, which are among the highest rates cited in the literature. Mothers of children with oesophageal and duodenal atresias were(More)
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