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Currently, several researchers have proposed mapping both structure and constraints of XML documents to an object-relational database ORDB . However, these researches cannot be conducted because of the limited range of constraints in available object-relational DBMSs. We therefore propose mapping rules that are practicable in available technologies.(More)
Several techniques for translating XML query languages into SQL have been proposed, but no work to date translates XML update languages into SQL since XQuery has not provided any update statements. However, there is a suggestion from W3C indicating that an update version of XQuery will be proposed in the near future. Furthermore, one major advantage of(More)
Presently, the area of updating XML is immature since XQuery has not provided update features. Thus this area has not been investigated as fully as it should have been. Moreover existing researches focus on updating native XML database so that everything must be created from scratch. Furthermore, an XML document is often treated as a database by keeping all(More)
Most research in the XML area has concentrated on storing, querying and publishing XML while not many researchers have paid attention to updating XML; thus, the XML update area is not fully developed. This work contributes a solution for the update of XML documents via ORDB (Object Relational Database) to advance the techniques in this area through(More)
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