Penny L Havlicek

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BACKGROUND Studies concerning welding fume-related adverse health effects in welders are hampered by the heterogeneity of workplace situations, resulting in complex and non-standardized exposure conditions. METHODS In order to carry out welding fume exposure studies under controlled and standardized conditions, the Aachen Workplace Simulation Laboratory(More)
This study shows qualitative and quantitative estimates of the national and the clinic level impact of utilizing voice and knowledge enabled clinical reporting systems. Using common sense estimation methodology, we show that the delivery of health care can experience a dramatic improvement in four areas as a result of the broad use of voice and knowledge(More)
Research on adult alcohol and tranquilizer use provides strong evidence of fundamental sex differences in the use of the two types of drugs. Current explanations posited for these differences center around differential sex roles and sex role expectations. Much of the discussion of these differences suggests that as male and female roles converge, these(More)
This article attempts to explain differences in the health education activities of medical group practices. Potential explanatory factors examined include: providing prepaid care, group ownership, group size, and specialty composition and mechanism for making group policy. The data used in this analysis were collected by the American Medical Association(More)
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