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Claims have been made that language-impaired children have deficits processing rapidly presented or brief sensory information. These claims, known as the 'temporal processing hypothesis', are supported by demonstrations that language-impaired children have excess backward masking (BM). One explanation for these results is that BM is developmentally delayed(More)
PURPOSE The authors identified the need for a cross-disciplinary research view of issues to ensure an integrated citizen-centric support to achieve optimal health of individual citizens and, in particular, the role of informatics to inform and coordinate support towards integrated and holistic care. METHOD An Exploratory Workshop was approved and(More)
To the individual, social care can be an essential part of maintaining health, as is reflected by the WHO definition of health as being one of wellbeing. However, health informatics currently narrowly restricts itself to health organizations' activities. Digital records in social care are increasing, raising the need to recognize the area of social care(More)
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