Penny Duquenoy

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Within the field of HCI there are a number of preferred approaches towards design. As within other disciplines, these approaches are often irreconcilable. We explore the possibilities of using ethics as a way to bridge the gap and re-establish the design focus of doing good towards the user. This is the idea of 'justice' to aid improved design. According to(More)
Unsolicited Commercial Communication-also known as spam-has traditionally been the most visible e-mail threat and has reached a point where it creates a major problem for the development of e-commerce and the information society. It is currently estimated that 60 per cent of all e-mail messages are spam. including the United Kingdom have all recently(More)
The focus on the use of existing and new technologies to facilitate advances in medical imaging and medical informatics (MIMI) is often directed to the technical capabilities and possibilities that these technologies bring. The technologies, though, in acting as a mediating agent alter the dynamics and context of information delivery in subtle ways. While(More)
In the public sector (particularly in the UK in light of recent reforms i.e. the Local Government Act 2000, etc.) a greater degree of accountability and public involvement or intervention has become the norm in public infrastructure projects, partially under the rubric of "stakeholder engagement". This paper seeks to discuss public involvement in a(More)
(2006) ICT in medicine and health care: assessing social, ethical and legal issues. In: Social informatics: an information society for all? In remembrance of Rob Kling: proceedings of the seventh international conference on human choice and computers (HCC7). The work is supplied on the understanding that any use for commercial gain is strictly forbidden. A(More)
Celebrating achievements is an important social ritual. Tracks and themes at conferences such as ETHICOMP 2015 provide opportunities for the careful discussion of challenges facing society in terms of information and communication technology (ICT). This topic provides the underpinning rationale to the body of papers presented throughout the entire ICT and(More)