Penny Duquenoy

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This paper takes a broad perspective on ambient, intelligent technologies in the context of contemporary European society at the turn of the 21 century. The underlying ideas and expectations of ambient intelligence in a period when Europe focuses progressively on the various social, economic, and ethical challenges facing the Information Society are(More)
We report here about the relationship between the destabilization of the lipid organization induced by praziquantel and derivatives and their mode of insertion into the lipid matrix. Measurements of lipid transition temperature and efflux of 6-carboxyfluorescein encapsulated in liposomes establish the lipid destabilizing capacity of praziquantel as compared(More)
Unsolicited Commercial Communication also known as spam has traditionally been the most visible e-mail threat and has reached a point where it creates a major problem for the development of ecommerce and the information society. It is currently estimated that 60 per cent of all email messages are spam. The United States, Australia, Canada, European Union(More)
Within the field of HCI there are a number of preferred approaches towards design. As within other disciplines, these approaches are often irreconcilable. We explore the possibilities of using ethics as a way to bridge the gap and re-establish the design focus of doing good towards the user. This is the idea of ‘justice’ to aid improved design. According to(More)
The focus on the use of existing and new technologies to facilitate advances in medical imaging and medical informatics (MIMI) is often directed to the technical capabilities and possibilities that these technologies bring. The technologies, though, in acting as a mediating agent alter the dynamics and context of information delivery in subtle ways. While(More)
Continuous developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) have resulted in an increasing use of these technologies in the practice of medicine and in the provision of medical care. This paper presents a series of perspectives from different areas of expertise on some of the ways in which ICT has changed the social picture in respect of the(More)