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Managing the co-creation of value
Central to service-dominant (S-D) logic is the proposition that the customer becomes a co-creator of value. This emphasizes the development of customer–supplier relationships through interaction andExpand
A Strategic Framework for Customer Relationship Management
In this article, the authors develop a conceptual framework for customer relationship management (CRM) that helps broaden the understanding of CRM and its role in enhancing customer value and, as aExpand
Value propositions as communication practice: Taking a wider view
Abstract The aim of this article is to examine the concept and functioning of value propositions, seen through a service-dominant logic (S-D) lens. The variety of perspectives used to understandExpand
A stakeholder perspective of the value proposition concept
Purpose – The value proposition concept and the stakeholder perspective have received relatively little attention within Service‐Dominant (S‐D) logic. This paper sets out to explore valueExpand
The role of multichannel integration in customer relationship management
Abstract This paper reviews the strategic role of multichannel integration in customer relationship management (CRM) with the objective proposing a structured approach to the development of anExpand
Co-creating brands : Diagnosing and designing the relationship experience
The traditional goods-dominant logic of marketing is under challenge and leading researchers are now emphasizing the new service-dominant logic [Vargo, S.L., Lusch, R.F., Evolving to a new dominantExpand
Customer Relationship Management: from Strategy to Implementation
This article examines Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, from the perspective of strategy formulation and implementation. We commence by reviewing the origins and role of CRM and highlightingExpand
Towards the ‘perfect’ customer experience
The aim of customer experience management is to enhance relationships with customers and build customer loyalty. Research suggests, however, that service quality and customer satisfaction mayExpand
Managing Co‐Creation Design: A Strategic Approach to Innovation
A co‐creation design framework is developed, which incorporates multiple design dimensions and categories that can reveal new co‐ creation opportunities, and extends the application of a design approach, specifically within the context of co‐creative activities. Expand
Co-creation practices: Their role in shaping a health care ecosystem
Abstract Co-creation is described as a resource integration process involving actors that are linked within a service ecosystem. This process occurs when value propositions attract actors to shareExpand