Penko Atanassov

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Genetic diversity among 49 naked barley accessions originating from three different breeding centers (International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas, Aleppo, Syria, Genetic Institute of Sofia, Bulgaria and Timiriazev Agricultural Academy of Moscow, Russia) was investigated using hordein polymorphism and agromorphological variation. The hordein(More)
Our results validate the use of independent DFT predicted BE shifts for defect identification and constraining ambient pressure XPS observations for Me-Nx moieties in pyrolyzed carbon based ORR electrocatalysts. This supports the understanding of such catalysts as vacancy-and-substitution defects in a graphene-like matrix.
An NAD(+)-dependent enzymatic sensor with biofuel cell power source system for non-invasive monitoring of lactate in sweat was designed, developed, and tested. The sensor component, based on lactate dehydrogenase, showed linear current response with increasing lactate concentrations with limits of detection from 5 to 100 mM lactate and sensitivity of 0.2(More)
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