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The changing tendency of robot performance varying with assembly error was analyzed. Based on performance tendency curve, performance loss function is given to reflect performance change led by assembly error. Robot performance loss is divided by three phases, and all terms meeting practical application of performance loss function were put forward.(More)
In product design process, assembly quality consideration will help to find design flaws and improve product performance. Effective assessment of assembly quality under working condition can give useful information for design modification to designer. Impact assessment system and assessing criteria were first built, and then predictive assessment method for(More)
In the process of product manufacturing, control of assembly accuracy will directly affect product working behavior. Variation of working behavior with assembly accuracy was partitioned to three phases: compensation phase, rapid loss phase and total loss phase. Based on changing curve of product behavior, Function of behavior loss was constructed to(More)
Based on its elemental idea, superelement method was introduced to structure simulation of large frame pallet. With superelement method, dynamic analysis uses superelement degree of freedom, and characteristics of mechanics, geometry, material and position information of each component will be considered in calculation. Through an analyzing example, solving(More)
Starting with principles of neural network and genetic algorithm, new approach, combining genetic algorithm and neural network, of structure optimization were given. Structure optimum target function and design variables set were defined, and with learning algorithm of neural network, non-linear global mapping relationship, between design parameters such as(More)
Above 70 percent of production cost is determined by development and test phase. Modern simulation method can be used to simulate test process and substitute prototype manufacturing and test phase when finishing design proposal. Test simulation can effectively find design flaws and provide engineer direct reference to modify original design or remodel.(More)
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