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Impact of plant harvest management on function and community structure of nitrifiers and denitrifiers in a constructed wetland.
The results suggest that plant harvest management could change subsequent plant development and associated microenvironments, thereby affecting the function and community structure of nitrifiers and denitrifiers. Expand
Effect of Phragmites japonicus harvest frequency and timing on dry matter yield and nutritive value.
Not only the combinations of harvest timing and frequency but also other management practices, including partial harvesting, may be needed to optimize CW performance and roughage production. Expand
A small proportion of litter-derived nitrogen is assimilated by plant biomass or immobilized in sediments regardless of harvest management as detected by 15N-labeled Phragmites litter in a
This study evaluated the decomposition and the fate of N derived from 15N-labeled Phragmites litter in a CW for 1 year and suggested a potentially low contribution of litter-derived N to internal N loading for at least 1 year regardless of the harvest management treatment. Expand
Biomass and carbon storage of Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis (Rhodophyta) in Zhanshan Bay, Qingdao, China
Investigation of seasonal variations in biomass, coverage area, and carbon storage during low tide from August 2011 to July 2012 in Zhanshan Bay, Qingdao, China, and the carbon storage potential of wild G. lemaneiformis using light use efficiency (LUE) shows that the standing biomass and coverage area changed significantly with season. Expand