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Figures play an important role within biomedical publications. A typical and essential first step toward using images is the detection of compound figures and their separation into panels. In ImageCLEF’16 our team has participated in the compound figure detection and separation tasks, where we utilized a method based on connected component analysis (CCA) to(More)
A number of brain computed tomography (CT) images stored in hospitals that contain valuable information should be shared to support computer-aided diagnosis systems. Finding the similar brain CT images from the brain CT image database can effectively help doctors diagnose based on the earlier cases. However, the similarity retrieval for brain CT images(More)
Medical images are one of the most important tools in doctors' diagnostic decision-making. It has been a research hotspot in medical big data that how to effectively represent medical images and find essential patterns hidden in them to assist doctors to achieve a better diagnosis. Several graph models have been developed to represent medical images.(More)
In the present study, a novel divalproex sodium (DS) enteric-coated capsule was prepared, and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) assay method for DS was developed. Their uniformity, release curve and release characteristics in different solvents were examined. The release studies were performed using marketed sample as a reference and data were(More)
Interactions between drugs (also known as drug-drug interactions or DDIs), which may cause adverse affects, are of much concern; predicting, anticipating and avoiding them is key for improving patient safety and treatment outcome. Knowledge of DDIs is important for physicians to avoid adverse effects when prescribing two drugs simultaneously. DDIs are often(More)
Motivation Images convey essential information in biomedical publications. As such, there is a growing interest within the bio-curation and the bio-databases communities, to store images within publications as evidence for biomedical processes and for experimental results. However, many of the images in biomedical publications are compound images consisting(More)
Herbal medicines are commonly used in many countries after they undergo processing. Quality decoction pieces are a guarantee of the efficacy and safety of the herbal medical products. Here, a strategy based on chemical analysis combined with chemometric techniques was proposed for the classification and prediction of the different grades of the decoction(More)