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As the complexity of processors grows, the bottleneck of verification remains in generating suitable test programs that meet coverage metrics automatically. Coverage directed test generation is a technique to automate the feedback from coverage analysis to test generation. It is very important to solve the constraint satisfaction problem for a flexible(More)
The verification of an execution against memory consistency is known to be NP-hard. This paper proposes a novel fast memory consistency verification method by identifying a new natural partial order: time order. In multiprocessor systems with store atomicity, a time order restriction exists between two operations whose pending periods are disjoint: the(More)
Approximate inference for Bayesian models is dominated by two approaches, variational Bayesian inference and Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Both approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they can complement each other. Recently researchers have proposed collapsed variational Bayesian inference to combine the advantages of both. Such inference(More)
This article studied on the rotation motion of trimaran unmanned surface vessel. The experiment has been based on the trimaran unmanned surface vessel model. We selected the Genetic algorithm as the optimization method first, then identified the test data of trimaran unmanned surface vessel rotation motion by the program assisted with ISIGHT-FD software.(More)
A fault-tolerance model based on supervisor-worker mechanism is proposed for the aim of fault tolerance in distributed hydropower plant simulation systems. This model provides adaptive fault-tolerance for simulation calculation through turning the simulation model into a Well-Behaved Process and building an appropriate supervision hierarchy. And this(More)