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Nowadays, the Personal Cloud Storage (PCS) service has been widely utilized by millions of users, not only because of its reliable ubiquitous storage but also numbers of exciting third-part applications that work as overlay networks based on user's data. However, we usually know few information about the PCS's performance which is quite important for both(More)
We present UBackup-II, an anonymous storage overlay network based on personal multi-cloud storages, with flexible QoS awareness. We reform the original Tor protocol by extending the command set and adding a tail part to the Tor cell, which makes it possible for coordination among proxy servers and still keeps the anonymity. Thus, users can upload and(More)
Constructing an overlay storage system based on multiple personal cloud storages is a desirable technique and novel idea for cloud storages. Existing designs provide the basic functions with some customized features. Unfortunately, some important issues have always been ignored including privacy protection, QoS and cipher-text search. In this paper, we(More)
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