Pengxiang Lin

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In this paper, we propose HiSML, a high-level integrated service monitoring language. The language is designed to build monitoring solutions for cloud computing platforms. The primary benefits of HiSML over existing monitoring tools are: 1) it is used to build the monitoring solution from scratch, and the monitored objects are specialized for the target(More)
Monitoring system provides a clear insight into the state and performance of service components in cloud computing platforms. It collects metrics from dispersed sensors and stores them in databases for show and future query. To choose the most suitable database for a monitoring system is complex, since the performance requirement on cloud monitoring system(More)
Numerous enterprises are migrating their applications onto cloud platforms to gain benefit from cloud computing technology. These applications are composed of several service components with complicated dependency structures, especially for network applications which commonly take serial collaboration of service components. We call a group of VMs belonging(More)
In cloud computing environment, an application is always composed of several service components. A collection of service components is called a service family, and we name the cloud service components as service family members. In this paper, we propose a solution named Icebreaker to assemble service components belonging to the same application without(More)
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