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Although recent studies have revealed more widespread occurrences of magnetofossils in pre-Quaternary sediments than have been previously reported, their significance for paleomagnetic and paleoenvironmental studies is not fully understood. We present a paleo- and rock-magnetic study of late Miocene marine sediments recovered from the Guadalquivir Basin (SW(More)
In current wireless cellular networks, interference has become the major obstacle to high spectral efficiency because of universal frequency reuse. Base station cooperation, also referred to as coordinated multi-point processing or transmission(CoMP), has emerged to mitigate it by estimating and avoiding interference from adjacent base stations(BSs).(More)
Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics integrated with smartphone platform has gained increasing attention in recent years due to its portability, cost-effectiveness and user-friendly setting. In this paper, we present an optical sensor based on a smartphone platform with extremely low-cost spectrometer accessary, which can be applied for colorimetric sensing. The(More)
Under aerobic conditions, the A and B horizons of soils are magnetically enhanced due to neoformation of ferrimagnets through pedogenesis. This study systematically investigated soils developed on calcarenites of Neogene age in southern Spain to determine the dominant factors controlling the soil magnetism. Geochemical and clay mineral analyses indicate(More)
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