Pengwei Zhang

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Mammalian KIF3AC contains two distinct motor polypeptides and is best known for its role in organelle transport in neurons. Our recent studies showed that KIF3AC is as processive as conventional kinesin-1, suggesting that their ATPase mechanochemistry may be similar. However, the presence of two different motor polypeptides in KIF3AC implies that there must(More)
We recently constructed a novel non-replicating dominant-negative HSV-2 recombinant viral vaccine (CJ2-gD2) capable of expressing various HSV-2 antigens that are dominant targets of HSV-2-specific CD8 T-cell response. Importantly, CJ2-gD2 expresses gD2, the HSV-2 major antigen glycoprotein D, as efficiently as wild-type HSV-2 infection and can lead to a(More)
The gas flow in shale matrix is of great research interests for optimized shale gas extraction. The gas flow in the nano-scale pore may fall in flow regimes such as viscous flow, slip flow and Knudsen diffusion. A 3-dimensional nano-scale pore network model was developed to simulate dynamic gas flow, and to describe the transient properties of flow regimes.(More)
For the past 20 years, we have witnessed an unprecedented and, indeed, rather miraculous event of how cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), the naturally originated penetrating enhancers, help overcome the membrane barrier that has hindered the access of bio-macromolecular compounds such as genes and proteins into cells, thereby denying their clinical potential(More)