Pengwei Gong

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The long-time historical evolution and recent rapid development of Beijing, China, present before us a unique urban structure. A 10-metre spatial resolution SPOT panchromatic image of Beijing has been studied to capture the spatial patterns of the city. Supervised image classifications were performed using statistical and structural texture features(More)
[1] This paper presents an evaluation of advanced very high resolution radiometer (AVHRR)-based remote sensing algorithms for detecting active vegetation fires [Li et al., 2000a] and mapping burned areas [Fraser et al., 2000] throughout North America. The procedures were originally designed for application in Canada with AVHRR data aboard the NOAA 14(More)
Using airborne multispectral digital camera imagery, we compared a number of feature combination techniques in image classification to distinguish vineyard from non-vineyard land-cover types in northern California. Image processing techniques were applied to raw images to generate feature images including grey level co-occurrence based texture measures, low(More)
We developed a method for integrated analysis of multi-source data for vegetation classification at the continental scale, and applied it to China. Multi-temporal 1 km NOAA Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Holdridge's life zone system and its vegetation–climate classification indices such as bio-temperature (BT), potential evapotranspiration(More)
There are two X-band ripples horn single-lens antennas, waveguide transmission segment, fixture, a mounting station, an Agilent N5225A network analyzer and a computer in the free-space measurement system of 8GHz~40GHz frequency range. S<sub>11</sub> and S<sub>21</sub> of sample measured by network analyzer are used to calculate the dielectric constant. A(More)
All optical wavelength converters are key devices for all optical networks. Wavelength conversion employing semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) has become an important component in WDM networks. This paper investigates the performance of a 20 Gb/s SOA-based FWM wavelength converter system. For this we have optimized the SOA parameters to achieve(More)
Relationships among average spectral ree ectance measured in the visible and near infrared (VNIR) region (0.4–2.5 mm), dielectric constant measured in the microwave region (0.5–18 GHz) and chemical content of 34 sedimentary rock samples were measured. The natural logarithm of the average spectral ree ectance and that of the imaginary part of the dielectric(More)
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