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Promoting the degradation of Hsp90 client proteins by inhibiting Hsp90, an important protein chaperone, has been shown to be a promising new anticancer strategy. In this study, we show that an oxazoline analogue of apratoxin A (oz-apraA), a cyclodepsipeptide isolated from a marine cyanobacterium, promotes the degradation of Hsp90 clients through(More)
A malware detection model based on a negative selection algorithm with penalty factor (NSAPF) is proposed in this paper. This model extracts a malware instruction library (MIL), containing instructions that tend to appear in malware, through deep instruction analysis with respect to instruction frequency and file frequency. From the MIL, the proposed model(More)
— As viruses become more complex, existing anti-virus methods are inefficient to detect various forms of viruses, especially new variants and unknown viruses. Inspired by immune system, a hierarchical artificial immune system (AIS) model, which is based on matching in three layers, is proposed to detect a variety of forms of viruses. In the bottom layer, a(More)
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