Pengqiang Yao

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Artificially inducing 2n gametes through chromosome doubling is an effective way to obtain polyploids. In this study, Eucalyptus urophylla microsporogenesis and flower development were investigated to guide 2n pollen induction. We also investigated suitable conditions for colchicine treatment. Our results showed that E. urophylla 2n pollen was spherical and(More)
Five new 11(15-->1)-abeo-taxane diterpenoids, taxuyunnanines K-O (1-5), were isolated from an ethanol extract of the bark of Taxus yunnanensis, and their structures were determined using MS and NMR techniques. Compounds 1/2 and 4/5 are rearranged taxane diterpenoids possessing an opened oxetane ring moiety at C4(20). Compounds 4/5 are rearranged taxoids(More)
Microsporogenesis and flower development in Eucalyptus urophylla × E. grandis were examined using chromosome tableting to provide a method to predict the meiotic stages in this species. Although microsporogenesis was normal, cytokinesis during meiosis of pollen mother cells occurred simultaneously, with strong asynchronism observed in the two different(More)
Further investigation on the alcohol extract of the barks of Taxus yunnanensis led to the isolation of four taxoids, namely, 7beta-xylosyl-taxol D, taxuyunnanines P, Q and R, along with the known taxuyuntin G (2). Four are rearranged taxoids with an 11(15-->1)-abeotaxoid skeleton and an opened oxetane ring moiety. Structures were determined by spectroscopic(More)
With the use of Near-infrared spectroscopy(NIRS), the noninvasive measurement of cerebral oxygen concentration can be achieved in vivo based on the Lambert-Beer Law. In this paper, we discuss the possibility of studying higher brain functions through a combination of cerebral oxygen saturation and cerebral function measurement. Event-related experiments are(More)
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