Pengpeng Zhang

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BACKGROUND Flavodiiron proteins (FDPs) comprise a group of modular enzymes that function in oxygen and nitric oxide detoxification in Bacteria and Archaea. The FDPs in cyanobacteria have an extra domain as compared to major prokaryotic enzymes. The physiological role of cyanobacteria FDPs is mostly unknown. Of the four putative flavodiiron proteins (Flv1-4)(More)
The widely used 'silicon-on-insulator' (SOI) system consists of a layer of single-crystalline silicon supported on a silicon dioxide substrate. When this silicon layer (the template layer) is very thin, the assumption that an effectively infinite number of atoms contributes to its physical properties no longer applies, and new electronic, mechanical and(More)
The PsbP family of proteins consists of 11 evolutionarily related thylakoid lumenal components. These include the archetypal PsbP protein, which is an extrinsic subunit of eukaryotic photosystem II, three PsbP-like proteins (CyanoP of the prokaryotic cyanobacteria and green oxyphotobacteria, and the PPL1 and PPL2 proteins found in many eukaryotes), and(More)
  • Pengpeng Zhang, E P Nordberg, B-N Park, G K Celler, I Knezevic, P G Evans +2 others
  • 2006
Silicon nanomembranes (SiNMs) are very thin, large, free-standing or free-floating two-dimensional (2D) single crystals that can variously be flat, rolled into tubes, or made into any number of odd shapes, cut into millions of identical wires, used as conformal sheets, or chopped into tiny pieces. Because SiNMs are mostly surface or interface and little(More)
Flavodiiron proteins (FDPs, also called flavoproteins, Flvs) are modular enzymes widely present in Bacteria and Archaea. The evolution of cyanobacteria and oxygenic photosynthesis occurred in concert with the modulation of typical bacterial FDPs. Present cyanobacterial FDPs are composed of three domains, the β-lactamase-like, flavodoxin-like and(More)
  • Bin Yang, Pengpeng Zhang, D E Savage, M G Lagally, Guang-Hong Lu, Minghuang Huang +1 other
  • 2005
The formation and ordering of Si nanocrystals in dewetting and agglomeration of the thin single crystalline Si layer in silicon-on-insulator has been investigated using low-energy electron microscopy. The evolution of the Si dewetting and agglomeration is captured in real time, revealing the detailed process for the formation and ordering of the(More)
Studies suggest that clinical outcomes are improved in repeat trigeminal neuralgia (TN) Gamma Knife radiosurgery if a different part of the nerve from the previous radiosurgery is treated. The MR images taken in the first and repeat radiosurgery need to be coregistered to map the first radiosurgery volume onto the second treatment planning image. We propose(More)