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Streaming video over the Internet requires mechanisms that limit the streams' bandwidth consumption within its fair share. TCP streaming guarantees this and provides lossless streaming as a side-effect. Adaptation by packet drop does not occur in the network, and excessive startup latency and stalling must be prevented by adapting the bandwidth consumption(More)
—Multi-dimensional video scalability as defined in H.264/SVC is a promising concept to efficiently adapt encoded streams to individual device capabilities and network conditions. However, we still lack a thorough understanding of how to automate scaling procedure in order to achieve an optimal quality of experience (QoE) for end uses. In this paper we(More)
Subjective quality perception studies with human observers are essential for multimedia system design. Such studies are known to be expensive and difficult to administer. They require time, a detailed knowledge of experimental designs and a level of control which can often only be achieved in a laboratory setting. Hence, only very few researchers consider(More)
Scalable video is an attractive option for adapting the bandwidth consumption of streaming video to the available bandwidth. Fine-grained scalability can adapt most closely to the available bandwidth, but this comes at the cost of a high compression penalty. In the context of VoD streaming to mobile end systems, we have therefore explored whether a similar(More)
Scalable video streaming may result in flicker effects – visual artifacts in video presentation due to adaptive layer switching. In our work, we have identified three types of flicker, noise, blur and motion flicker. Here, we investigate the blur and noise flicker, which are both related to the spatial domain. The perceptual impact of blur and noise flicker(More)
With the growing popularity of variable network technologies, it is highly desirable to enable effective and quick browsing of remote multimedia content. In this paper we present a method for quick access of remote video content as an initial step towards a full digital Video Cassette Recording functionality in multimedia streaming applications such as(More)