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—Massive MIMO is envisioned as one of the key enabling technologies for 5G wireless and beyond. While utilizing the spatial dimension to reduce interference and increase capacity in multiuser scenarios, massive MIMO base stations present several unique implementation challenges due to their large physical size and the high datarate generated by all the(More)
This paper discusses how multiuser massive microwave and mm-wave MIMO can support communications among many users over a given allocation of spectrum, along with manageable array form factors and power consumption. ABSTRACT | Large arrays of radios have been exploited for beamforming and null steering in both radar and communication applications, but cost(More)
In the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart recognition systems, character segmentation serves as a connecting link between the preceding and the following. By studying a variety of character segmentation algorithms, the improved method combined vertical projection algorithm, improved drop-falling algorithm and BP neural(More)
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