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Rapid magnetic removal of aqueous heavy metals and their relevant mechanisms using nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) particles.
Much work is devoted to heavy metal sorption, reduction and relevant mechanisms by nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) particle, but fewer studies utilize its magnetic properties in aqueous metalExpand
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Variations of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Heated Granite After Rapid Cooling with Liquid Nitrogen
  • X. Wu, Z. Huang, +6 authors X. Dai
  • Materials Science
  • Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
  • 1 July 2019
To determine the effect of liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling on the damage of heated rock, we conducted a series of physical and mechanical tests on Shandong granite samples. These granites were firstExpand
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Numerical and experimental analysis of hot dry rock fracturing stimulation with high-pressure abrasive liquid nitrogen jet
Abstract Abrasive liquid nitrogen (L-nitrogen) jet fracturing is a novel technology, which is expected to be suitable for hot dry rock (HDR) fracturing. In this paper, numerical simulation has beenExpand
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Damage Analysis of High-Temperature Rocks Subjected to LN2 Thermal Shock
Liquid nitrogen (LN2) fracturing is a technology that can dramatically enhance the stimulation performances of high-temperature reservoirs, such as hot dry rock geothermal and deep/ultra-deepExpand
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Investigation on the damage of high-temperature shale subjected to liquid nitrogen cooling
Abstract Cryogenic nitrogen fracturing can provide a new insight into the stimulation of deep shale gas reservoirs. In order to investigate the physical and mechanical behaviors of high-temperatureExpand
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A Preliminary Fractal Interpretation of Effects of Grain Size and Grain Shape on Rock Strength
Rock strength is an important consideration to indicate the integrity and stability of wellbore drilling, tunnels, and other underground excavations. In this research, by assuming the rock rain as aExpand
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Note: A novel experimental setup for high-pressure abrasive liquid nitrogen jet.
A high-pressure abrasive liquid nitrogen (L-N2) jet is considered as an efficient rock-breaking technology due to its unique low-temperature characteristic. In order to experimentally investigate theExpand
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An innovative experimental equipment for liquid nitrogen fracturing.
Due to the unique physical and chemical properties of liquid nitrogen (LN2), LN2 fracturing has been considered as a promising reservoir stimulation technique. In order to further investigate theExpand
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Design of integration test system for liquid nitrogen jet experiment.
Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is considered as one of the potential fracturing fluids for unconventional oil/gas and geothermal reservoirs. In order to study the feasibility of the LN2 jet in fracturingExpand
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Effect of Ceramic and Nylon Fiber Content on Composite Silica Sol Slurry Properties and Bending Strength of Investment Casting Shell
In order to improve the performance of the investment casting shell, ceramic and nylon fiber was added to the silica sol slurry to study the effect of ceramic and nylon fiber on the liquidity of theExpand
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