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In this study, Scenedesmus obliquus SJTU-3 and Chlorella pyrenoidosa SJTU-2 were cultivated with 0.03%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% CO(2). The two microalgae could grow at 50% CO(2) (>0.69 g L(-1)) and grew well (>1.22 g L(-1)) under CO(2) concentrations ranging from 5% to 20%. Both of the two examined microalgae showed best growth potential at 10% CO(2). The(More)
Rice straw hydrolysate was used as lignocellulose-based carbon source for Chlorella pyrenoidosa cultivation and the feasibility of in situ biodiesel production was investigated. 13.7 g/L sugar was obtained by enzymatic hydrolyzation of rice straw. Chlorella pyrenoidosa showed a rapid growth in the rice straw hydrolysate medium, the maximum biomass(More)
In this letter, we propose a novel method for upsampling the noisy low resolution depth map with the guidance of the companion color image. The problem is modeled with an Markov Random Field (MRF)-based optimization framework. The novelty relies on the smoothness term that is modeled with an exponential function as the error norm. By using this novel error(More)
Hemorrhages in color fundus images usually vary in size and shape, and some are even connected with the retinal vasculature such that they are often omitted by previous detection methods. In this paper, we propose a new method to deal with these problems. During the hemorrhage candidate extraction stage, dark regions and retinal vasculature are segmented(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method to upsample the depth map obtained by the Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera with the guidance of the companion high resolution color image. The problem is modeled with an optimization framework where we use a novel exponential function as the error norm. By using this novel error norm, our model could take the properties(More)
The diversification training mode for students in major of software engineering based on university-enterprise cooperation is proposed in this paper. The cooperation includes the cooperated establishing specialty direction, building practice bases inside or outside campus, organizing adjunct teachers, second class learning, and so on. The(More)
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