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Broadband wireless networks coupled with handheld computers and appropriate sensing technologies provide a channel for the delivery of mobile cinema. Mobile cinema changes the consumer experience of motion picture stories in that discrete cinematic sequences are delivered based on the consumer's location and the a story-real-time metric. The M-Studio(More)
Shareable Media is an effort to provide a coherent structure that will facilitate distributed collaboration and communication among filmmakers, storytellers, artists and audiences. The extensible architecture of the Shareable Media Project has the capability to deploy multiple applications targeted towards a variety of uses and audiences. The visual(More)
Streaming media is pervasive on the Internet now and is continuing to grow rapidly. Most streaming media systems have adopted the model of broadcast. Unfortunately, the nature of the broadcast-like one-to-many communication model is not able to foster interaction and collaboration among people. In this paper we discuss a community-oriented communication(More)
This thesis proposes a model of creative activity on the computer incorporating the elements of programming, graphics, sound generation, and physical interaction. An interface for manipulating these elements is suggested, based on the concept of a disk-jockey turntable as a performance instrument. A system is developed around this idea, enabling optical(More)
M-Views is an experimental video story-making and sharing system designed for distribution to mobile hand-held video capable devices. Video stories are constructed using the M-Views authoring tool, which allows makers to preview how segments will be sequenced based on any possible navigation path of the viewer. Inspired by environmental artworks and(More)
Shareable Media is a network-based system that explores how a community of users can share stories and express ideas through a shared database of digital video clips. To adapt this to the rapidly evolving Internet, we need to design and experiment with an extensible architecture for Shareable Media, which has the capability to deploy multiple applications(More)
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