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Two new cyclic dipeptides from Rhinocladiella sp. lgt-3, a fungal endophyte isolated from Tripterygiun wilfordii Hook
Two new cyclic dipeptides, rhinocladin A (1) and rhinocladin B (2), were isolated from a fungal endophyte (Rhinocladiella sp. lgt-3) of Tripterygiun wilfordii Hook. Their structures were elucidatedExpand
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Chemical Constituents and Cytotoxic Activity of a Fungal Endophyte from Tripterygium wilfordii
Endophytes are microorganisms that live in the intercellular spaces of stems, petioles, roots, and leaves of plants without causing visible disease symptoms [1]. In order to compete with pathogensExpand
Emotion Recognition from Human Gait Features Based on DCT Transform
In this paper, 59 volunteer’s gait data with angry or happy emotion, have been collected by the aid of Microsoft Kinect, and we extract a series of frequency features based on the discrete cosine transform. Expand
Cytotoxic and Anti-Inflammatory Sesquiterpenes from the Whole Plants of Centipeda minima.
Sixteen new sesquiterpene lactones (1-16) along with 13 known analogues (17-29) were isolated from the whole plants of Centipeda minima. The structures of 1-16 were delineated by the combination ofExpand