Penghai Wang

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Trimetazidine has no hemodynamic/antithrombotic actions. Hence, its anti-ischemic properties have been mostly attributed to its metabolic effects. However, this issue is not completely elucidated. We investigated whether inhibition of neutrophil activation may also contribute to its cardioprotective action. We first showed that trimetazidine inhibits(More)
Star trackers are currently the most advanced attitude measuring instruments. They have the advantages of high precision, small quality, no drift, strong antiinterference and autonomous navigation without relying on other navigation systems. This paper proposes the design of a low-quality, small-size and high-accuracy star tracker that is constructed by a(More)
Protocols for authentication and key establishment have special requirements in a wireless environment. This paper presents a new key agreement protocol HAKA (home server aided key agreement) for roaming scenario. It is carried out by a mobile user and a foreign server with the aid of a home server, which provides all necessary authentications of the three(More)
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