Pengguo Zhang

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We demonstrate a novel noncovalent method for producing Gd(III)-functionalized gold nanorods as multimodal contrast agents for MRI and CT imaging. The ligand is connected to the surface of the gold nanorods by a noncovalent bond making the Gd(III) ions directly accessible to water molecules, and resulting in a longitudinal relaxivity as high as 21.3 mM(-1)(More)
Previous studies have shown that Zhichan powder elevated immunity and suppressed oxidation in mice. Rat models of Parkinson's disease were induced by stereotaxically injecting 6-hydroxydopamine into the substantia nigra. The rat models were intragastrically treated with Zhichan powder, which is composed of milkvetch root, ginseng, bunge swallowwort root,(More)
To investigate the effect of a novel tumstatin on C6 brain glioma cells, the MTT method was used to detect C6 glioma cell proliferation activity at different time periods (12, 48 and 72 h). Cell cycle distribution and apoptosis rate were detected by flow cytometry, and the acridine orange/ethidium bromide staining method was used to detect apoptosis and(More)
Primary pericardial malignant mesothelioma is an extremely rare neoplasm that arises from the pericardial mesothelial cell layers. Clinical symptoms and signs are frequently nonspecific, and the diagnosis is usually made after surgery or at autopsy. There is no standard treatment for pericardial mesothelioma; nonetheless, radical surgery is the mainstay of(More)
In this study, rat models of Parkinson's disease induced by substantia nigra injection of 6-hydroxy-dopamine were intragastrically administered Zhichan powder daily for 50 days. Reverse transcription PCR results showed that tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA expression in the rat substantia nigra was significantly increased, while monoamine oxidase B mRNA expression(More)
This study established a rat model of cerebral hemorrhage by injecting autologous anticoagulated blood. Rat models were intragastrically administered 5, 10, 20 g/kg Poxue Huayu and Tianjing Busui Decoction, supplemented with Hirudo, raw rhubarb, raw Pollen Typhae, gadfly, Fructrs Trichosanthis, Radix Notoginseng, Rhizoma Acori Talarinowii, and glue of(More)
We report a case of mixed capillary venous hemangioma of the retroperitoneum in a 61-year-old man. Abdominal ultrasonography showed a mass to be hypoechoic with increased flow in color Doppler imaging. Dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography revealed a centripetal filling-in of the mass, located anterior to the left psoas muscle at the level of(More)
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