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Software systems continuously running over a long time may suffer gradual performance degradation or failure rate increasing. This phenomenon, known as "Software Aging", has become a great challenge to dependability-critical software systems. Researchers have made remarkable achievements in predicting resource exhaustion time and designing optimal(More)
Software that continuously runs over a long period has been frequently reported encountering "gradual degradation" issues. As time progresses, software tends to exhibit degraded performance, deflated capacity, exhausted physical resource or deteriorated QoS (Quality of Service). Different from transient software anomalies, this issue is a chronic degrading(More)
Modern applications especially cloud-based or cloud-centric applications always have many components running in the large distributed environment with complex interactions. They are vulnerable to suffer from performance or availability problems due to the highly dynamic runtime environment such as resource hogs, configuration changes and software bugs. In(More)
This paper designs an infrastructure to meet the resource requirements, and more importantly, the QoS (quality of service) requirements for networked multimedia services. Learning from the successful experiences of distributed systems, the infrastructure deploys clusters of devices at the edge to improve the probability for end users to get satisfying QoS,(More)
To explore the feasibility of 3D-printed navigation template in proximal femoral varus rotation and shortening osteotomy for older children with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Between June 2014 and May 2015, navigation templates were designed and used for 12 DDH patients. Surgical information and outcomes were compared to 13 patients undergoing(More)
In order to analyze the effects of atmospheric drag perturbation on the deployment of tether-assisted deorbit system, the dynamic model of the deployment of tetherassisted deorbit system include atmospheric drag perturbation is proposed based on Lagrange equation. Then a mathematic simulation is provided to validate and analyze the atmospheric drag(More)
—For some media service systems in Internet, providing the service in real time is the key point to obtain the satisfying performance. In order to get good user experience, nodes are commonly organized as groups and the nodes in a same group can cooperate with each other. Accordingly, how to organize the nodes is an important factor to affect the(More)