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An Energy-Efficient Compressive Sensing-Based Clustering Routing Protocol for WSNs
A novel algorithm which combined the merits of the clustering strategy and the compressive sensing-based (CS-based) scheme was proposed in this paper. The lemmas for the relationship between any twoExpand
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No MERS-CoV but positive influenza viruses in returning Hajj pilgrims, China, 2013–2015
BackgroundThere is global health concern that the mass movement of pilgrims to and from Mecca annually could contribute to the international spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronavirusExpand
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Probabilistic bisimulation for realistic schedulers
Weak distribution bisimilarity is an equivalence notion on probabilistic automata, originally proposed for Markov automata. It has gained some popularity as the coarsest behavioral equivalenceExpand
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Heterogeneous Honeycomb-like NoC Topology and Routing based on Communication Division
Though the mostly used topologies in network-on-chip (NoC) based systems, mesh and torus can lead to a waste of resource and bandwidth when the processing elements(PEs) demand less communication, andExpand
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A Topology Structure Repair Algorithm for Triangular Mesh Model
Triangular mesh model built by existing surface reconstruction methods still have issues such as dislocation, serial hole, stitching and multilateral collinear. The model existing above-mentionedExpand
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Measuring atmospheric electric field using novel micromachined sensor
A new type of micromachined electrostatic field sensor (EFS) that can be used to measure atmospheric field has been demonstrated in this paper. The sensor structure is designed to work at resonantExpand
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Analyzing Deep Neural Networks with Symbolic Propagation: Towards Higher Precision and Faster Verification
Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been shown lack of robustness for the vulnerability of their classification to small perturbations on the inputs. This has led to safety concerns of applying DNNs toExpand
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The Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Voxel-Based Morphometry and Support Vector Machine
The purpose of this study was to explore the automatic method of detecting the gray matter loss of Alzheimerpsilas disease (AD) patients with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In this paper,Expand
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Research on the Kinematic Properties of a Sperm-Like Swimming Micro Robot
Nowadays, it has been one of the hottest topics for scientists to research the interventional micro robots operating in human lumen. In this paper, a novel sperm-like interventional swimming robotExpand
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A multiplex PCR assay for the detection of five influenza viruses using a dual priming oligonucleotide system
BackgroundA cost-effective, accurate and rapid simultaneous multiplex assay is required for testing and diagnoses of conventional and emerging viruses in clinical virology laboratories. We developedExpand
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