Pengfei Xue

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[1] Physical mechanisms for the summertime offshore detachment of the Changjiang Diluted Water (CDW) into the East China Sea are examined using the high-resolution, unstructured-grid, Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM). The model results suggest that isolated low salinity water lens detected west of Cheju Island can be formed by (1) a large-scale(More)
Water plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the Earth's ecosystems, and practically all human activities, such as agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and energy production. The proliferation of industrial and agricultural activities in modern society, however, poses threats to water resources in the form of chemical, biological, and(More)
[1] Twin experiments were made to compare the reduced rank Kalman filter (RRKF), ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF), and ensemble square-root Kalman filter (EnSKF) for coastal ocean problems in three idealized regimes: a flat bottom circular shelf driven by tidal forcing at the open boundary; an linear slope continental shelf with river discharge; and a(More)
[1] The Changjiang River (CR) is divided into a southern branch (SB) and a northern branche (NB) by Chongming Island as the river enters the East China Sea. Observations reveal that during the dry season the saltwater in the inner shelf of the East China Sea flows into the CR through the NB and forms an isolated mass of saltwater in the upstream area of the(More)
[1] Observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) were performed for Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts, as a pilot study for the design of optimal monitoring networks in the coastal ocean. Experiments were carried out using the ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) for data assimilation with ensemble transform Kalman filter (EnTKF) and proper orthogonal(More)
The focus of this study is the local-scale air-sea feedback mechanisms over the shallow shelf water region (water depth <200 m) of the Maritime Continent (MC). MC was selected as a pilot study site for its extensive shallow water coverage, geographic complexity, and importance in the global climate system. To identify the local-scale air-sea feedback(More)
Protein phosphatase 4 catalytic subunit (PP4C) has been identified to be overexpressed in various solid cancers. However, to date, the role of PP4C in glioma remains elusive. In the present study, we aimed to detect PP4C expression in glioma patients and explore its function in glioma and prognostic significance in patients with glioma. The expression(More)
Because of the scarcity of observational data, existing estimates of the heat and water budgets of the Persian Gulf are rather uncertain. This uncertainty leaves open the fundamental question of whether this water body is a net heat source or a net heat sink to the atmosphere. Previous regional modeling studies either used specified surface fluxes to(More)
[1] Observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) were performed in Massachusetts Bay for the design of optimal monitoring sites for dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements. Experiments were carried out using the Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) for data assimilation with focus on initial and boundary perturbations. Running a well-validated water quality model(More)