Pengfei Qian

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A theoretical model which takes into account the structural distortion of double-crossover DNA tiles has been studied to investigate its effect on lattice formation sizes. It has been found that a single vector appropriately describes the curvature of the tiles, of which a higher magnitude hinders lattice growth. In conjunction with these calculations,(More)
Various computational models have gained immense attention by analyzing the dynamic characteristics of proteins. Several models have achieved recognition by fulfilling either theoretical or experimental predictions. Nonetheless, each method possesses limitations, mostly in computational outlay and physical reality. These limitations remind us that a new(More)
Ever since its inception, a popular DNA motif called the cross tile has been recognized to self-assemble into addressable 2D templates consisting of periodic square cavities. Although this may be conceptually correct, in reality certain types of cross tiles can only form planar lattices if adjacent tiles are designed to bind in a corrugated manner, in the(More)
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