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Sensitive, selective and fast detection of chemical warfare agents is necessary for anti-terrorism purposes. In our search for functional materials sensitive to dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP), a simulant of sarin and other toxic organophosphorus compounds, we found that zinc oxide (ZnO) modification potentially enhances the absorption of DMMP on a(More)
Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is a commonly used plasticizer and additive to adhesives, printing inks and nail polishes. Because it has been found to be a powerful reproductive and developmental toxicant, a sensor to monitor DBP in some working spaces and the environment is required. In this work polyaniline nanofibers were deposited on the electrode of a quartz(More)
Athermalized birefringent filter-based wavelength locker using both material thermal compensation and temperature monitoring is presented. Frequency deviation is reduced less than 0.2GHz at a temperature range from 10°C to 40 °C for single-filter configuration. The dual-filter wavelength locker has uniform frequency resolution with frequency(More)
We report a newly discovered anomalous incident-angle of an elastically refracted P-wave, arising from a P-wave impinging on an interface between two VTI media with strong anisotropy. This anomalous incident-angle is found to be located in the post-critical incident-angle region corresponding to a refracted P-wave. Invoking Snell's law for a refracted(More)
Genetic bioaugmentation, in which bacteria harboring conjugative plasmids provide catabolic functions, is a promising strategy to restore dioxin-contaminated environments. Here we examined the conjugative transfer of the dioxin-catabolic plasmids pDF01 and pDF02 harbored by Rhodococcus sp. strain p52. A mating experiment using strain p52 as a donor showed(More)
This paper is concerned with the polarization states of an inhomogenously refracted P-wave induced from the interface of two anisotropic rocks. Two realistic physical models have been studied: Model-1 is an interface between anisotropic shale and Taylor sandstone; Model-2 is an interface between anisotropic shale and oil shale. For each model, an analytical(More)
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