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Deformation of wood slice in fire: Interactions between heterogeneous chemistry and thermomechanical stress
Abstract Wood is a common flammable material in the building fire and the dominant fuel in the wildland fire. In this work, disc wood slices were examined under irradiation to characterize theExpand
Can defects classification based on improved SOFM neural network
5 improved measures are presented in this paper, which include using typical sample vector, introducing frequency sensitive factor, learning rate adaptive adjustment, selecting convergence criterion and searching winning neuron to realize automatically classifying can defects and improve the convergence speed and the classification accuracy of Self-Organizing Feature Map. Expand
TRPV6 Is Associated with Prognosis of ST-Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction.
The lower expression of TRPV6 was associated with poor clinical outcomes and prognosis of STEMI patients, and patients with lower TRpV6 levels had remarkably lower LVEF ratio, higher GRACE scores, higher CK-MB and NT-pro-BNP levels, as well as higher ratios of cardiovascular death, malignant arrhythmia, cumulative MACE, and shorter survival time than patients with higher TRPv6. Expand
Smoldering and Flaming of Disc Wood Particles Under External Radiation: Autoignition and Size Effect
  • Supan Wang, Pengfei Ding, Shaorun Lin, Junhui Gong, Xinyan Huang
  • Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering
  • 22 July 2021
Wildfires are global issues that cause severe damages to the society and environment. Wood particles and firebrands are the most common fuels in wildfires, but the size effect on the flaming andExpand
An overview of surface water hazards in China coal mines and disaster-causing mechanism
Surface water is not only an important water supply to mining region but also the cause of severe water burst accidents in coal mines. In China, surface water is categorized as a major water hazardExpand
A numerical study of hail process effects on charge structure and lightning flash rate of thunderstorms
By use of French mesoscale non-hydrostatic numerical model Meso-NH, using two kinds of ice phase particles scheme: ICE3 scheme (no hail), ICE4 scheme (with hail), simulate the thunderstorm cloudsExpand