Pengchong Jiang

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NG2 (nerve/glial antigen2)-expressing cells represent the largest population of postnatal progenitors in the central nervous system and have been classified as oligodendroglial progenitor cells, but the fate and function of these cells remain incompletely characterized. Previous studies have focused on characterizing these progenitors in the postnatal and(More)
The p38α mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) is one of the serine/threonine kinases regulating a variety of biological processes, including cell-type specification, differentiation and migration. Previous in vitro studies using pharmacological inhibitors suggested that p38 MAPK is essential for oligodendrocyte (OL) differentiation and myelination. To(More)
As the first and main form of active immune defense in the central nervous system, microglial cells usually exhibit complicated intracellular calcium (Ca²⁺) activity that can regulate the downstream components of signaling cascades. In the present work, spontaneous oscillations of the cytosolic calcium concentration ([Ca²⁺]c) in multi-BV-2 microglial cells(More)
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